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Warm congratulations to Haisun Technology for the successful convening of the 2021 annual summary and commendation and 2022 planning conference

Warm congratulations to Haisun Technology for the successful convening of the 2021 annual summary and commendation and 2022 planning conference

22 Mar, 2022

  2022-2-12, Guangdong Haisun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 2021 annual summary and commendation and 2022 planning conference was held in the company's large conference room! The company's chairman Yi Chengzhi, management team and employee representatives gathered together to summarize the achievements made in the past year. And deploy the overall work goals and requirements for the new year, and work together to create a new situation in various work!

  Looking back on 2021

  The speech of the chairman of the company, Yi Chengzhi, laid a lofty goal for the conference. He first thanked every Haisun people for their efforts and efforts in 2021. This year, Haisun's quick-drying water-based paint has made substantial progress and has gone further in the coatings industry. At the same time, the current situation and the existing deficiencies have been carefully analyzed.

  The chairman emphasized that in 2021, the high-quality products and technologies of Haisun's quick-drying water-based paint will step into a new level of development, and have reached a large number of important customer cooperation in the whole-house customization, office furniture, solid wood furniture, display furniture and other industries.

  In terms of the construction tolerance of different equipment, the construction stability in different regions, the construction coping ability under various climatic conditions, and the feasibility of different process schemes on different substrates, Haisun water-based paint has accumulated rich application experience, mastered It improves the safety and stability of the product, and lays a good foundation for the rapid development in 2022 and even in the future.

  Today, Haisun water-based paint can meet or lead almost all the needs of the furniture industry, especially the launch of two-component quick-drying water-based paint in 2021, which makes up for the three shortcomings of high-filling, high-gloss and high-hardness water-based paint.

  Haisun's quick-drying water-based paint product innovation continues to develop, and technological advantages are gradually being transformed into market advantages. As long as furniture and wooden door manufacturers need us, we will resolutely go to where customers need. Help furniture and wooden door manufacturers to transform into environmental protection and increase efficiency.

  Outstanding Commendation

  The rapid development of Haisun is inseparable from the hard work of employees. At this conference, the company commended a group of outstanding employees with outstanding work results, outstanding work performance and hard work that emerged in 2021.

  Employees are the foundation of an enterprise, and excellent employees are the magic weapon for an enterprise to win. It is hard work that makes everyone gain, it is dedication that makes everyone feel honored, and hard planting will surely bear fruit. I sincerely wish the outstanding Haisun people to make persistent efforts in the future work, go all out and strive for success.

  Outlook 2022

  Subsequently, the chairman made a detailed deployment of the development plan for 2022, put forward the general goal for 2022, and put forward the general guiding ideology with "guaranteeing transactions" as the core.

  At the same time, the chairman talked about the 2022 Haisun work plan from the aspects of "marketing policy", "team building plan", "product guarantee system", "technical service system" and "drying solution service provider", and looked forward to Haisun's work plan. A beautiful vision for smooth development.

  He hopes that all Haisun people will devote themselves to various tasks with fuller enthusiasm, pragmatic attitude and high fighting spirit, seize opportunities, take advantage of the situation, and work hard to fully complete the established tasks and goals in 2022!

  In 2022, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, all colleagues of the company will closely follow the chairman's guiding ideology and work together to achieve the company's business goals. Each sales elite in turn signed the annual target responsibility letter with the general manager's office, and set up a "military order" for the 2022 target. The goal is the goal, the mission must be achieved!