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What did Haisun water based paint say at the northern wood industry breaking strategy meeting?

What did Haisun water based paint say at the northern wood industry breaking strategy meeting?

16 Jul, 2020

On July 16, 2020, the strategy meeting for breaking the epidemic in 2020 was held in Linyi, Shandong Province. The meeting was jointly organized by CEHHA and Zhejiang door association. Luo Dongsheng,the marketing director of Guangdong Haisun quick drying water based paint, led the team to attend the summit on invitation, and gave a lecture on "3-minute drying - one component water-based wood paint", sharing the new thinking and new trend of "oil to water" in wood customization.

  Epidemic situation is actually a manifestation of uncertainty. For many wood customized home furnishing enterprises, we need to learn to embrace the uncertainty actively, so as to realize the real enterprise survival in the changing era. The Linyi conference, just as the theme of the conference was set, focused on the breaking strategy of northern wood industry. Through professional and targeted conference content sharing, we hope to bring brand-new thinking and stimulate wisdom vision for wood customized home enterprises, so as to realize healthy survival and vigorous development under the epidemic.

  Today, I'd like to share with you some good idea about "oil to water" in this conference.

  Guangdong Haisun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has 12 years experience of research and development in water-based wood coatings. As early as in 2008, it has entered the field of waterborne resin prospectively. In response to the national "oil to water" environmental protection policy, Haisun technology took the lead in further practical application of water-based resin, R & D and production of water-based wood paint products, providing customers with one-stop wood oil to water overall solution. And won two national achievements from 2017 to 2019.

  Luo Dongsheng, the marketing director of Guangdong Haisun quick drying waterborne paint, mainly focused on "oil to water" and gave the overall solution of waterborne paint + quick drying equipment.

  1. All water-based, environment friendly. Water based coating from bottom to surface, no benzaldehyde and zero formaldehyde, perfectly solve the problem of VOCs emission control.

  2. Anti swelling, sealed with tannic acid. The technology of high sealing, anti swelling, anti yellowing and sealing tannic acid is advanced in China, and the physical indexes such as hand feeling, fullness and water resistance are comparable to those of oil paint.

  3. 3 minutes dry, Haisun quick drying water-based wood paint, 3 minutes dry, 4 hours delivery, the speed of delivery increased over 10 times.

  4. The application can be done in North, South and without seasons limit. No matter in winter in the north or in mould rain days in the south, Haisun quick drying water based paint can automatically and quickly dry with one key, which is the first solution to the problem of North-South acclimatization and seasonal application differentiation in the industry.

  After the interpretation of Haisun quick drying water based paint, Mr. Luo also introduced many customers who have been served by quick drying water based paint on site. With the help of sample trial production, customer scheme customization, online production, technical service support and application site tracking, Haisun quick drying water based paint has been highly recognized by many manufacturers. Here, Mr. Luo welcomes more wood customized home furnishing enterprises to deeply cooperate with Haisun quick drying water based paint. In the current epidemic situation, he embraced changes and jointly detonates the new development of North Wood customized home furnishing in 2020.