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Haisun quick drying water based wood paint won the award of national science and technology

Haisun quick drying water based wood paint won the award of national science and technology

03 Nov, 2021

  On December 10, 2019 China (Chengdu) building materials and home furnishing industry new ecological summit, Guangdong Haisun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. quick drying water-based wood paint coating system technology achievement awarding ceremony was held ceremoniously.

  China high tech Industrialization Research Association, China Construction Materials Circulation Association, National Federation of industry and Commerce furniture decoration industry chamber, Sichuan building materials furniture decoration chamber, Guangdong door association, Guangzhou Custom Home Industry Association, Jiuzheng technology group, Jiuzheng building materials network, palmtop pearl home furniture, Shangpin home furnishing, qianchuan wooden door, Haier home furniture, Dynasty home furniture, Longma wood industry and other industry associations and many industry media witnessed this memorable moment.

  On September 20, the experts from China waterborne wood coatings industry alliance, China building materials inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd., , the orch center of Ministry of science and technology, China National Chemical Industry Corporation, Beijing University of chemical technology, new materials Committee of Chinese chemical society, and China Wuhua Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. listened to the technical summary report of Haisun technology, the project completion unit, The project data of quick drying water-based wood coatings system were reviewed and inquired. The evaluation committee considered that the project met the evaluation requirements, the technical level reached the domestic leading level, and had broad application prospects.


  One of the innovation points of the project is to solve the pain point of slow drying of conventional water-based paint. A single coating is dry for 3 minutes, and the whole wood coating is not more than half an hour. It has excellent quick drying performance. The physical and chemical properties and medium resistance of the prepared paint film meet the requirements of GB / T23999.


  The second innovation of the project is to develop a coating process equipment suitable for quick drying water-based wood coatings - Haisun water-based paint quick drying equipment, which can realize high temperature and short-time drying, and is suitable for rubber wood, red oak, birch, multi-layer board, MDF and other kinds of wood.


  The products of this project have been tested by the national coating quality supervision and inspection center and meet the standard requirements of Q / HS013-2019. Products are used by a number of furniture wooden door manufacturers from Foshan, Zhongshan, Sichuan, Hebei and other places, the reflect is perfect. The economic and social benefits are remarkable, and the application prospect is broad.


  With the country promoting the green industry upgrading vigorously , the coating industry ushered in the "oil to water" tuyere. For furniture and wooden door enterprises, the application of water-based coating, not overnight, a series of pain points and difficulties, is placed in front of the enterprise.


  In 2019, driven by R & D and innovation, and guided by market demand, Haisun technology grandly launched the third generation of Haisun water-based paint - quick drying water-based wood paint. Combined with the proprietary coating process equipment - Haisun water-based paint quick drying equipment, the water-based paint coating can be dry in 3 minutes and delivered in 4 hours.


  Whether it's winter in the north or mould rains in the south, Haisun technology's integrated operation of quick drying water based paint coating and drying has successfully solved the problems of water based paint application in North and South and in seasons. Among them, the sealing primer series is also particularly suitable for the coating of wood rich in tannin, pigment, alkaloid and other organic components, such as oak, rubber wood, Paulownia, pine, etc., to isolate the migration of tannin, pigment, alkaloid and other organic components in wood to the paint film, so as to solve the problem of oil to water improvement in the wood industry from the bottom layer - high sealing anti swelling bar, sealing tannin without yellowing.


  In order to reduce the cost of "oil to water" technological transformation, Haisun technology's new investment promotion mode presented water based paint quick drying equipment, which reduced the early investment of manufacturers. Haisun quick drying paint is entering the fast lane of high-speed development with its strength, quickly winning the market share of high-end wooden doors and customized furniture.


  Yi Chengzhi, the chairman of Haisun technology, said that the low-key and pragmatic Haisun people will continue to uphold the corporate mission of "green technology, healthy life", vigorously promote this subversive traditional water based paint quick drying technology, constantly seek cooperation with domestic furniture, wooden doors and wood products manufacturers, integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and provide customers with higher quality and efficient services, promote enterprises to move forward to a higher level.