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Amazing! Haisun become a demonstration site for joint training of provincial graduate students!

Amazing! Haisun become a demonstration site for joint training of provincial graduate students!

03 Nov, 2021

Joint cultivation & collaborative innovation. Nowadays, Haisun become a demonstration site for joint training of provincial graduate students.

Graduate innovation training demonstration site is the talent training and research platform of Guangdong Graduate Joint Training Base (Foshan), participants are mainly from the leading enterprises, ,new research and development institutions, engineering technology research and development centers and key laboratories in Foshan. Responsible for receiving and arranging graduate students to follow the tutor to carry out scientific research practice in the demonstration site, further carry out technical research and development project practice, and provide high-quality scientific and innovative talents for the innovation-driven development of Foshan. 

Haisun become the demonstration site for joint training of provincial graduate students, not just recognition of corporate strength, also a great responsibility. After the joint training program launch, the enterprise tutor will cooperate with the university tutor and make due contributions to the postgraduate talent training and the incubation of scientific research achievements based on the key industry application projects of the enterprise.

Currently, Haisun has a "Water-based polymer application engineering technology research center of Guangdong province", and successively with central south university, sichuan university, hunan university, sun yat-sen university and other famous universities set up cooperative relations, has a large number of highly efficient r&d team, accumulated a large number of scientific research experience, can provide various infrastructure assurance for Haisun along the scientific and technological innovation. 

Haisun have over 19 years of r&d experience in polymer materials and 13 years of r&d experience with water-based resin, hold the leading position in the domestic polymer synthesis and application field.

From 2002 to 2004, Haisun started from trading and began to research and develop polymer materials.From 2005 to 2008, Haisun focused on r&d and production of silica. Since 2008, it focus on r&d, production and sales of water-based resin. In 2016, in response to the national environmental protection policy of "oil-based to water-based", Haisun took the lead in further practical use of water-based resin, and developed and produced water-based wood paint products, won two national achievements from 2017 to 2019.

Relying on water-based polymer core technology, Haisun established the water-based wood paint system in 2021, leading the industry to achieve unorganized discharge, and solving the difficulties of oil-based to water-based painting and drying industry.

In future, Haisuny will work with Guangdong Graduate Joint Training Base (Foshan) to contribute to the training of graduate talents, improve the overall talent structure of the enterprise, and create better social value.