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Haisun quick drying water based paint appeared in CHINA INTERNATIONAL HOUSING AND FURNISHING EXPOSIT

Haisun quick drying water based paint appeared in CHINA INTERNATIONAL HOUSING AND FURNISHING EXPOSIT

03 Nov, 2021

Haisun technology has been focusing on the research and development of water based wood paint for 12 years. China Home Expo of 2020,Haisun technology, together with its 3-minute quick drying water based paint products and domestic powerful coating equipment manufacturers, has made a full display of Haisun water based paint's one-stop oil to water overall solution, which takes coating speed as the entrance and extends to the woodwork industry. It has stood out among many exhibitors and attracted the attention of customers and media, And the products and ideas of Haisun water based paint "3 minutes dry, 4 hours delivery" , also once again refreshed the height of this industry.

  With the awakening of public awareness of environmental protection consumption, China's furniture and wooden door market is stepping into the era of "green consumption". The "oil to water" policy across the country has also entered a hot implementation period. Under the seemingly simple demand of "oil to water", in fact there are many pursuits. Manufacturers not only require low cost of "oil to water" technical transformation, but also require quick drying speed of water based paint to save cost. They also require that the finished products of furniture and wooden doors should not be bloated and yellowing. They also hope that the coating process can be simple and efficient. There are many brands of water based paint in the market, but not all of them can meet all the needs of furniture and wooden door manufacturers.

  After spraying, the workpiece is leveled at low temperature for 3 minutes and then dried at medium temperature for 3 minutes. The whole process only takes 4 hours, and the workpiece can be packed and delivered. The speed of delivery increased over 10 times.

  Taking a group photo as a souvenir. Guangzhou customized home furnishing industry association visited Haisun booth for deeper communication.

  Many Visitors came to the booth for further inquiry. 3 minutes dry, 4 hours delivery of Haisun quick drying water based paint with its own leading role aura, became the highlight of the audience. Our on-site staffs enthusiastically introduced the characteristics of products to customers and discussed cooperation.

  Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

  Haisun technology maintains a leading position in the field of polymer synthesis and application in China. It has 18 years history of research and development of polymer materials and 12 years of research and development experience of water-based resin. In 2016, in order to response the national "oil to water" environmental protection policy, Haisun technology took the lead in further practical application of water-based resin, developed and produced water-based wood paint products, and won two national achievements from 2017 to 2019.