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[The Power of Role Models]November 2022 Haisun Water-based Paint Star

[The Power of Role Models]November 2022 Haisun Water-based Paint Star

29 Jan, 2023

1.November Sales Champion
Operation Department 1 Wu Junlin

Although it is hard, blowing all the wild sand begins to gold. In November 2022, with the joint efforts of all colleagues in the operation department 1, the sales target was exceeded.    Congratulations on our operation department 1!
Among them, through unyielding fighting spirit and unremitting efforts, Wu Junlin colleagues communicate very well with customers, accurately find the actual needs of customers, provide high-quality services to customers, and win one water-based paint order after another. Wu Junlin's personal sales exceeded 600,000 yuan in November, becoming Haisun's well-deserved sales champion!

2.Service pacesetter
Technical Service Department Peng Dedong

As the vanguard of technical services, colleagues in the engineering service department are rooted in the front-line customer site, de dicate enthusiasm, and contribute their own strength to the company's development and product quality reputation. Today I would like to introduce you to our service pacesetter - Peng Dedong.
Peng Dedong's dedication is obvious to all. In order to smoothly export Haisun water-based paint to customers, Peng Dedong serves every customer with professional technology and the best service state. In order to meet the urgent project needs of customers, he was on call, took the initiative to reduce rest time, often worked overtime until late at night, and did not complain. With full enthusiasm and energy, he improves the quality of work, speeds up the pace of service, and ultimately ensures the successful completion of the work task. He is willing to learn, study, and practical, and often exceeds the company's expectations for service work, and customers and our sales staff also frequently praise him.
The development of Haisun is inseparable from such a rooted in the field, dedicated and enthusiastic employees, I hope we can all learn from Wu Junlin, Peng Dedong two colleagues, everyone strives to be a sales champion, post pacesetter, while improving their own post skills, based on the post, love and dedication, and work together to create the best Haisun!